How Much Does A 10 Foot Alligator Weigh? (Check This First)

Females grow to a maximum of 10 feet. Males have a long, slender body and a short tail. Males have two rows of teeth on each side of their lower jaw, while females have only one row.

The male’s eyes are larger than those of the female, but they are not as large as the females’ eyes. Both males and females are able to see ultraviolet (UV) light, which is invisible to the human eye.

How old is a 10 ft alligator?

Miss. is located in the state of Mississippi. A 10-foot alligator has broken the state record for the longest female alligator captured in Mississippi, and the reptile could soon be on display at the Mississippi Museum of Natural History in Jackson.

The record-breaking gator was caught by a fisherman off the coast of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast on Saturday, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is believed to be the world’s longest-living female, the agency said in a news release.

“This is a great day for all of us who love alligators,” said Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Capt. Jeff Davis. “We are very proud of the work that has been done by our state and federal partners to protect these magnificent animals and their habitats.

How much is a 12 foot alligator weigh?

American alligators are found only in the United States. They can grow to be more than 12 feet in length and weigh as much as 1,000 pounds, with males being slightly larger than females. The scales on the animal’s dark skin are used to protect it from predatory animals.

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The alligator is a member of the crocodilian family, but it is not related to the Nile crocodile. Alligators and crocodiles share a common ancestor that lived about 200 million years ago.

What are alligators afraid of?

Alligators have a natural fear of humans, and usually retreat when approached. It is best to leave the area immediately if you have a close encounter with an alligator.