Where Can I Take My Unwanted Turtle? (Check This First)

CDC warning applies to the smallest turtles, but Petco will accept any size in its stores. “We will continue to work closely with the U.S.

Can I set my turtle free?

Turtles should never be let loose outdoors Turtles let loose might die, and they might carry disease that kills other turtles. If they live, they can compete with native species for food and habitat, threatening the survival of other species. The best way to protect turtles is to not let them out in the first place.

Can I release my pet turtle into the wild?

If you no longer want a turtle, keep trying to find a home or find a way to put it to sleep, as we euphemistically with dogs and cats. Do not release a pet red-eared turtle back into the wild.

How do you humanely put down a turtle?

An accurate head shot using a firearm is the most humane way to kill an animal in the wild, as it will cause immediate and sufficient damage to the animal’s brain, spinal cord, and other vital organs. In the case of a turtle or dugong, the head should be removed as soon as possible after it has been killed.

The head can then be placed in a plastic bag and placed into a freezer for up to two weeks to allow the brain tissue to freeze and thaw. Once thawed, it can be dissected and examined to determine the cause of death.

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WHAT DOES Petco do with turtles?

Petco will have their live turtles for sale in a habitat that is conducive to helping them thrive. If you’re interested in learning more about turtles and amphibians, I highly recommend checking out my book Turtles and Amphibians of North America.

Can I release my red eared slider into a pond?

Those who buy a slider have to keep it indoors and never let it go into the wild. He said that people often aren’t aware of the regulations, they don’t bother to look at them, or they just don’t follow them.

Can you return a turtle to PetSmart?

Pets like snakes, iguanas, mice, rats, hamsters, and other cool creatures can be found at a PetSmart store. You may be able to get a refund for the cost of the animal, but you will have to pay the rest of your pet’s vet bills. You will also be responsible for any other costs associated with the pet.